People in Your Neighborhood — Ballet Dancer

I’m from Sesame Street.  Say what?!  OK, I’m from the Sesame Street era.  I grew up learning things from Bert, Grover, Ernie, Cookie, and Oscar The Grouch.  Even when I was supposedly too old for “The Street”, I still watched.  When my daughter was born in 1997, Barney, Arthur, and the Teletubbies were “in”. I still made her watch Sesame Street. I remember telling her that technically, you weren’t really famous until you’ve been on Sesame Street.  She grew up watching as well.  one of my favorites segments was “People in Your Neighborhood”….go ahead and sing the song….“who are the people in your neighborhood, the people that you meet, when you’re walking down the street, the people that you meet each dayyyyyy’  (I always get carried away with the song).  SoI can’t even begin to tell you how awesome I felt when I found the following video. It’s a must watch for everyone.  Those ballet dancers that you think are untouchable/…yeah them…they are people in your neighborhood!

A must watch for everyone…

Sesame Street: People in Your Neighborhood — Ballet Dancer


Dance Documentaries

It’s a rainy Sunday in my world, so that means lots of Netflix movies anda blog update.  I decided to combine the two today and write about 2 great dance documentaries; the first one, I think I’ve watched at least 5 times and will watch again today. The second one I’m looking forward to watch when it premiers this week:

FIRST POSITION: Award winning documentary directed by Bess Kargman features Aran Bell, Michaela DePrince, Miko & Jules Fogarty, Rebecca Houseknecht, Gaya Yemini and Joan Sebastian Zamora.  Each dancer is followed as they prepare to enter the world of professional ballet while navigating being far away from home and adolescence. Truly a gem of a movie, between the personal stories and fabulous dancing, it’s a joy to watch.

Here’s the official trailer:

And here’s where you can watch it (includes movie theaters and stream sites): http://

If Ballroom is more your speed.  PBS has an upcoming documentary as part of it’s POV series. DANCE FOR ME will air on August 20, 2014. It follows 15 year old Egor who is from Russia but now living in Denmark to train in Latin Dance.  The trailer looks really good:

Enjoy your Sunday viewing. Let me know if you watch either documentary and what you think of them!