Teaching Higher (Dance) Education

Happy NEW Year.  New Year, New experiences!

In that vain, My daughter recently received her acceptance letter from her at first choice college and we are both excited at the prospect that she will be going to a rigorous academic institution with the bonus of having a equally strong dance program that will allow her to either double major or minor or dance. The entire process has brought a lot of anxieties to the surface for our family (cost, distance, cost, best fit, curriculum, cost…..you get the picture).  After the applications had been submitted, my daughter developed yet another anxiety….”If i don’t get into a college with a dance program, I may never get to dance again”.  So needless to say, the entire family breathed collective sigh of relief when that letter arrived.

For the past week the conversation has been about what a minor or double major in dance looks like. What classes meet those requirements and more interesting to me “how are those courses taught?”.  Not having been this involved in dance, I guess I pictured most of those dance classes being in the studio….kind of like clinical rotations. Browsing through the course catalog has given me a whole other view.  Dancers learn about not just dance but the History, Anatomy & Kinesiology…like wow!  So I scoured the internet a little bit for how the textbook courses are integrated with the studio classes and I came upon this great article from the Professor’s point of view. Here is a great contextual view of how three different educators teach Dance History.  Providing Context