At What Age Should My Little Dancer Start Classes?

How did I get here? I’m 13 years into this journey, and still going.  We are selecting Colleges and one of the criteria is an excellent dance program that offers either a major or minor in dance.  Who would have thought that the little girl I enrolled in Creative Dance at the age of 4… Continue reading At What Age Should My Little Dancer Start Classes?

Dance Legends

Saying Goodbye to Legends

Today Arthur Mitchell, the Founding Director of the Dance Theater of Harlem passed away at the age of 84.  His contributions to the dance world are indisputable, and his passing will leave an undeniable void in the world of ballet.  I read with angst today, that we lost another great, it seems that 2018 has… Continue reading Saying Goodbye to Legends


Summer Dance Intensive -Is Your Dancer Ready?

It's almost the end of February. Here in the Northeast, we have just finished shoveling from the 4 inches of snow that fell overnight (Sorry Boston, I know you guys are at 100ft), we are recovering from record number low temperatures that fell below 0 degrees (-15 to be exact).  What better time to start… Continue reading Summer Dance Intensive -Is Your Dancer Ready?


Teaching Higher (Dance) Education

Happy NEW Year.  New Year, New experiences! In that vain, My daughter recently received her acceptance letter from her at first choice college and we are both excited at the prospect that she will be going to a rigorous academic institution with the bonus of having a equally strong dance program that will allow her to… Continue reading Teaching Higher (Dance) Education


Boys Who Do Ballet

"They think it's cool"; "They don't really tease me about it"; "A lot of my teachers support me & come to see me in it"; It's like a dream come true, it's amazing".  These are the words from the young boys who star in The Nutcracker performed by The New York City Ballet this holiday… Continue reading Boys Who Do Ballet


Learning to Embrace Corrections

The other night, my daughter came home to tell me she was "off her game" and that she had received a number of corrections in her Pointe class. As a result, she wanted to know if she could take an extra Pointe class later in the week to apply those corrections before her next formal… Continue reading Learning to Embrace Corrections


People in Your Neighborhood — Ballet Dancer

I'm from Sesame Street.  Say what?!  OK, I'm from the Sesame Street era.  I grew up learning things from Bert, Grover, Ernie, Cookie, and Oscar The Grouch.  Even when I was supposedly too old for "The Street", I still watched.  When my daughter was born in 1997, Barney, Arthur, and the Teletubbies were "in". I… Continue reading People in Your Neighborhood — Ballet Dancer


Think of Dance School….As a School

I've spent alot of time in the dance school office these past two months.  September was back to class month and the questions were mostly about dress code, and class schedules...the easy stuff.   As October hit, so did all the complaints "we missed a class, do we get credit for it?"; "why didn't anyone… Continue reading Think of Dance School….As a School


World Ballet Day

How exciting is this? First we had National Dance Day and now on Wednesday October 1st, Five World-class companies will join in a live 24 hour stream (on youtube).  The companies are; The Australian Ballet; The Bolshoi Ballet; The Royal Ballet; The National Ballet of Canada, and The San Francisco Ballet. October 1st is a… Continue reading World Ballet Day